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Divorce Support

For people struggling to cope with the break-up

of a marriage or partnership

Call 07568 464 221


221 facilitates monthly meetings to enable people to meet up and talk with others in similar circumstances and at varying stages of recovery.

We know through personal experience, of the great need to talk, and a supportive group of friends can be a real lifeline at this time.

When you have experienced the break-up of a marriage or a relationship of many years, then you will know it takes time to regain confidence, get used to being single again, feel motivated to move on.

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Our meetings are conducted on the understanding of a high level of

confidentiality and respect for each other’s privacy. 


Everyone is welcome on a drop-in basis so no prior commitment is required. 


There is no charge but a contribution to tea and coffee is voluntary!

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The Bakehouse, Trumpington

The Bakehouse, Trumpington

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CURRENT MEETINGS - coffee and chat

Our regular group meetings are currently held in Trumpington, Cambridge on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10am - 12noon at

         The Bakehouse, 1a Granchester Road, Trumpington CB2 9LH


MEETING DATES FOR Cambridge, 2020:

                   18th January           18th April           18th July               17th October

                   15th February         16th May            15th August           21st November

                   21st March             20th June           19th September      19th December             





Loneliness and loss of a social circle is a very common result of a broken marriage/partnership and creating a new life as a single person is daunting.


At 221 we provide opportunities to meet up with friends for meals, walks, cinema trips and other activities.  These are arranged through existing group meetings on an ad hoc basis.


Call 07568 464 221          Email   jenny @

221 is a self help organisation run by volunteers and committed to helping people through the trauma of divorce and partnership break-up.