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Divorce Support

For people struggling to cope with the break-up

of a marriage or partnership

Call  07568 464 221


“The friends I have made are so important and the group has changed my life.”  (Helen, 59)

“Meeting people in the same situation is such a comfort."  (Sara, 34)

“In the early stages of divorce it really gave me the support I needed.”  (Mark, 50)

"I found myself laughing again."    (Ben, 43)

“Thank you so much for giving your time and sharing your experience, listening and encouraging.  You have given me strength.”  (Babs, 62)

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"For the first time I heard someone say things in public the way I feel them"  (from a recent radio interview)

Immediately I went into the room, I felt I was with friends." (Sharon, 71)


"I made new friends and had someone to talk to."  (Linda, 53 )


“A massive ‘thank you’ for the help you and the 221 group have given me during a very difficult time.  Very much appreciated.”  (Richard, 40)


"Support from 221 helped me to find the strength to move house."  (Margaret, 64)


“It has been a lifeline.”  (Jo, 35)

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Call  07568 464 221    Email   jenny @

221 is a self help organisation run by volunteers and committed to helping people through the trauma of divorce and partnership break-up.