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Divorce Support

       For people struggling to cope with the break-up

of a marriage or partnership

Call us on 07568 464 221


221 is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers and committed to helping people who are finding it hard to cope with all the emotional and practical difficulties they face after the break-up of a relationship.

For many couples, divorce can be a mutual and considered agreement, but for the vast majority, the break-up of a marriage comes as a shock which causes intense mental anguish and has a devastating effect on the family.

Through its telephone service and group meetings, 221 aims to provide a safe and confidential environment to promote recovery and rebuild confidence.  We are here to listen and support.

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We provide a phone line for those urgent times when you simply need to talk to someone.

We run groups that meet once a month and offer a chance to talk with others in similar situations.  These groups also organise social activities, enabling companionship, and the encouragement to cope with society again.

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221 is a self help organisation run by volunteers and committed to helping people through the trauma of divorce and partnership break-up.